Barcelona Oculoplastics – (B)OC – is a leading international event, whose purpose is to review and update all of the concepts and issues that need to be addressed when attending to patients that require functional surgery or request cosmetic treatment of the upper part of the face. It is aimed at ophthalmologists with an interest in oculoplastic surgery, oculoplastic surgeons and other professionals with an interest in the periocular area (plastic surgeons, cosmetic doctors, dermatologists, etc.).


Thank you for your interest in Barcelona Oculoplastics. At this moment the online registration is no longer available, you will be able to do it on site on April 26, at the registration desk of the event.


Barcelona Oculoplastics is a dynamic and practical event that features the participation of renowned invited surgeons, who perform live surgery to resolve eyelid disorders (ptosis, retraction, blepharoplasty, etc.). There will also be a workshop on oculofacial cosmetic surgery, during which real patients will be treated. All activities will showcase the latest trends and approaches.

The event will also include a session to follow up the evolution of patients who were operated on or treated during the 3 previous editions, 2012, 2015 and 2017. 

We hope to see and welcome you to the IMO in April 2019. 


Friday, April 26

  • 8 h


  • 8.30 h


  • 8.45 h


    Moderators: Dr Álvaro Bengoa, Dr Carlos Gálvez, Dra. Luz María Vásquez & Dra. Marta García Vilaró


    • Dr Naresh Joshi Dr Raman Malhotra
    • Dr Ramón Medel
    • Dr José Carlos Neves
    • Dr Eduardo Rubin
    • Dr Manuel Tomás 
    • Dr José Luis Tovilla

    FOLLOW-UP OF CLINICAL CASES 2012, 2015 & 2017. Dr Luz María Vásquez

  • 12.45 h


    Moderators: Dr Naresh Joshi & Dr Santiago Ortiz

    • Introduction. Dr Juan Carlos Sánchez
    • Aponeurotic ptosis. Applied anatomy and surgical considerations. Dr Marta García Vilaró
    • Posterior approach in ptosis surgery. Dr Raman Malhotra
    • Ptosis associated to blepharoplasty. Dr Richard Scawn
    • Congenital ptosis. Which side was it? Dr Ramón Medel
    • Discussion
  • 13.45 h


  • 14.45 h


    Moderators: Dr Ramón Medel & Dr Richard Scawn

    • Introduction. Dr Juan Carlos Sánchez
    • Upper eyelid tips. Dr Naresh Joshi
    • ROOF management in upper blepharoplasty. Dr Juan Carlos Sánchez
    • Eyebrow ptosis: endoscopic or not? Dr Manuel Tomás
    • Lateral eyebrow lift, deep plane and subcutaneous plane. Dr José Carlos Neves
    • Non-surgical managment of the upper third. Dr Luz María Vásquez
    • Discussion
  • 15.50 h


    Moderators: Dr Geraldine Cunniffe-Conlon & Dr José Raúl Montes

    • Dr Luz María Vásquez,
    • Dr Yerena Muiños
    • Dr Cecilia Rodríguez
  • 16.20 h


    Moderators: Dr Ramón Medel & Dr Manuel Tomás

    Speaker: Dr Eduardo Rubin

  • 16.40 h


    Moderators: Dr Raman Malhotra & Dr Carlos Milla

    • Essential periocular anatomy: a cadaver dissection guide. Dr José Carlos Neves
    • Reconstructive eyelash graft for the upper eyelid. Dr Gorka Martínez Grau
    • Floppy eyelid syndrome: Ophthalmologist’s responsability? Dr Yerena Muiños
    • Orbital roof fractures: a challenge to manage. Dr M. Encarnación Correa
    • The orbit in neurosurgery. Dr Santiago Ortiz
    • Keynote lecture. Orbital descompression. Choosing the best option. Dr Eduardo Rubin
    • Discussion
  • 17.35 h


    Moderators: Dr Óscar Balaguer & Dr Gorka Martínez Grau

    • Frontalis flap in the treatment of craneal dystonias. Dr Santiago Ortiz
    • Medial Canthoplasty. Transcaruncular approach. Dr José Luis Tovilla
    • Bilateral congenital ectropion in upper eyelid. Dr Eduardo Prado
    • Thixotropy and Hering in facial palsy. Dr José Luis Tovilla
    • Keynote lecture. Periocular tumour reconstruction tips. Dr Naresh Joshi
    • Discussion
  • 18.30 h


Saturday 27 April

  • 9 h


    Moderators: Dr Cecilia Rodríguez & Dr Juan Carlos Sánchez

    • Introduction. Dr Luz María Vásquez
    • Lower Blepharoplasty. Dr Raman Malhotra
    • Canthus, canthal angle and chemosis. Dr Naresh Joshi
    • Facial lipoinfiltration and nanograft of the upper third. Dr Manuel Tomás
    • Midface approach. Dr Ramón Medel
    • Discussion
  • 10 h


    Moderators: Dr Yerena Muiños & Dr Eduardo Prado

    • Anatomic findings: guiding treatment approach. Dr José Raúl Montes
    • Recognizing danger zones, avoiding complications. Dr José Raúl Montes
    • Tricks for injecting the nasojugal groove. Dr Cecilia Rodríguez
    • Periocular HA fillers: applications, implications and complications. Dr Rachna Murthy
  • 10.40 h


    Moderators: Dr Gustavo Matach & Dr José Luis Tovilla

    • Orbital Xanthogranuloma. Dr Catalina Arboleda
    • Basal cell carcinoma in children. Dr Gustavo Matach
    • Chalazion’s Biopsy: inflammation or carcinoma? Dr Óscar Balaguer
    • Basal cell carcinoma with orbital invasion. How to deal with disaster. Dr Álvaro Bengoa
    • Keynote lecture. Periocular neurofibroma management. Dr Richard Scawn
    • Discussion
  • 12.45 h


    Moderators: Dr Ramón Medel & Dr Eduardo Rubin

    • Eyelid burns. Dr Vanessa Hristodulopulos
    • Non-surgical laser blepharoplasty. Dr Alejandra Tapia
    • Tips in endoscopic lacrimal surgery. Walking through the safe path. Dr Eduardo Rubin
    • Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) in functional epiphora. Dr M. José Couce
    • Keynote lecture. How good are we at managing epiphora.Dr Raman Malhotra
    • Discussion
  • 13.30 h



All scientific sessions will be held at the Instituto de Microcirugia Ocular de Barcelona (IMO).

The IMO is located off Junction 7 of the Ronda de Dalt ring road (mountainside).

Pedestrian access to the centre is in calle Josep María Lladó, no. 3.

The clinic has a parking with over 200 spaces.

Course Secretariat

For further information, please contact the Technical Secretary’s Office at:
Marta Rodríguez:
Carlota Guinart:
Teléfono: +34 93 253 15 01

Hotel Arts Barcelona*****
Calle Marina 19-21
T: +34 93 551 30 00

Hotel Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I *****
Avenida Diagonal 661-671
T: T: +34 93 364 40 40

Hotel Mandarin Oriental****
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Hotel Primero Primera ****
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Hotel Catalonia Mikado ***
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Hotel Silken St. Gervasi ***
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Hotel Tres Torres Atiram ***
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Hotel Vilana ****
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Aparthotel Bertran ***
Bertran, 150
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Aparthotel Bonanova ***
Bisbe Sivilla, 7
T: +34 93 253 15 63

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Activity credited by the Catalonian Council for Continuing Education in the Health Professions (CCFCPS), the Commission for Continuing Education in the National Health Service (CFC-SNS) with 1,5 continuing education credits.

Activity credited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME), with 12 continuing education credits (event reference: #LEE19-00235).

This activity is compliant with the MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice. 


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The "other" BOC

Off camera, behind the scenes and beyond official photos, the BOC afforded other memorable moments we share with you:

The attendees

More than 300 attendees from 40 countries turned this BOC edition into the largest international conference so far. Thanks to all who came for your trust!

The speakers

An impressive speaker panel, who added great value to the BOC. In total, there were 30 specialists from different parts of the world. There is no doubt that great complicity was established among speakers. In fact, look at these couples...


The photocall, which was presided over by our image of a peacock, the symbol of beauty with "eyes" stamped on its striking feathers, was one of the hot spots outside the science programme. Everyone wanted to take a picture in front of it.

The keys to the event!

And that was it...

Thanks to all the sponsors that made the meeting possible:

AJL, Alcon, Angelini, Art Lens, Brill Pharma, Equipsa, Horus Pharma, Johnson & Johnson, Laboratorios Esteve, Laboratorios Galderma, Laboratorios Thea, Merz Aesthetics, Opticalia Florit, Optimedic y Zeiss.


We are already thinking about BOC 2021

We look forward to seeing you!