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Barcelona Oculoplastics: Trends in Eyelid Surgery- (B)OC- is a course aimed at ophthalmologists interested in ophthalmic plastic surgery, oculoplastic surgeons and other professionals with special interest in the periocular area (plastic surgeons, aesthetic doctors, dermatologists, etc.). The third edition of the meeting will take place on March 31st & April 1st 2017, and will review and update of all concepts and controversies that should be taken into consideration when dealing with patients requiring functional or aesthetic eyelid surgery will be done.


It will be a dynamic and practical course in which prestigious national and international surgeons will perform live surgical procedures for different pathologies (ptosis, retraction, blepharoplasty, etc) and in addition, will include an oculofacial aesthetics workshop for different treatments with botulinum toxin and fillers in real patients, showing the latest trends and practical operations available in this field.

We will include a session to follow up the patients operated in the live surgery session of the Barcelona Oculoplastics 2012 & 2015.

From a theoretical point of view, concepts in all the fields will be covered, from the basics, such as examination and diagnosis, to eyelid problems in special situations (cosmetic, anophtalmos, blepharospasm, etc.) and controversies.

It will be a great pleasure to count with your presence in this meeting and to welcome you to IMO, hoping your visit to Barcelona to be pleasant and productive. 


Friday 31 March

  • 8:00


  • 8:30


  • 8:45

    LIVE SURGERY: Ptosis, Uper and lower blefaroplasty, Brow ptosis, Midface & Frontalis flap

    Surgeons: Dr Eva Ayala, Dr Richard Collin, Dr Naresh Joshi, Dr Ramón Medel, Dr José Carlos Neves, Dr Ioannis Ntountas & Dr David Verity

    Chair: Dr Geraldine Cunniffe-Conlon, Dr Santiago Ortiz & Dr Luz M. Vásquez

  • 12:15


    Dr Max Rondón & Dr Luz M. Vásquez

  • 12:45


    Chair: Dr Richard Collin

    • Past, present and future of congenital ptosis surgery - Dr Richard Collin

    • New concepts in timing of surgery in paediatric ptosis - Dr Francesco Quaranta Leoni

    • Frontalis flap advancement - Dr Ramón Medel

  • 14:00


  • 15:00


    Chair: Dr Álvaro Bengoa, Dr Yerena Muiños & Dr Carlos Milla

    • Tips in upper blepharoplasty - Dr Eva Ayala

    • Bloodless blepharoplasty - Dr Ioannis Ntoutas

    • Brow management: techniques, pros and cons:

    • Pretrichial - Dr Anthony Tyers

    • Direct - Dr Naresh Joshi

    • Non endoscopic - Dr José Carlos Neves

    • Endoscopic - Dr Ramón Medel

    • Discussion

  • 16:00

    KEYNOTE LECTURE: Orbital disease: yes, no or maybe

    Dr David Verity

  • 16:20


    Non surgical treatments for facial rejuvenation on real patients - Dr Ioannis Ntountas, Dr Cecilia Rodríguez & Dr Luz M. Vásquez

    Chair: Dr Gorka Martínez Grau, Yerena Muiños & Dr Vanessa Hristodulopulos

  • 17:00

    KEYNOTE LECTURE: Different strategies approaching the midface

    Dr José Carlos Neves

  • 17:20


    Chair: Dr Richard Collin, Dr Carlos Gálvez & Dr Gustavo Matach

    • Anaesthetics, what to inject and why? - Dr Marta García Vilaró

    • Reverse ptosis repair - Dr Óscar Balaguer

    • Hering´s law in ptosis - Dr Eva Ayala

    • Upper eyelid retraction: is one technique enough? - Dr Marco Sales

    • 10 tips in periocular reconstruction - Dr Naresh Joshi

    • Concepts to approach lower lid retraction from the midface - Dr Ramón Medel

    • Cicatricial lid disease- Dr David Verity

  • 18:30


Saturday 1 April

  • 8:30


    Chair: Dr Ramón Medel, Dr Ioannis Ntountas, Dr Francesco Quaranta Leoni & Dr David Verity

    • Primary intraocular rhabdoid tumour - Dr Alejandra Tapia

    • Orbital amyloidosis- Dr Juan Carlos Sánchez

    • Pathology specimen management in eyelid tumors - Dr Yerena Muiños

    • Use of alleviating maneuvers for periocular facial dystonias -Dr Santiago Ortiz

    • Posterior lamella grafts: which one and when - Dr Marco Sales

    • Medial canthus recostruction after tumor surgery - Dr Álvaro Bengoa

    • Canalicular reconstruction after malignant eyelid tumors surgery - Dr Tirso Alonso

    • Rodeo technique: an atraumatic surgical procedure for optic nerve gliomas - Dr Ramón Medel

    • Management of canalicular obstructions - Dr Francesco Quaranta Leoni

    • Socket: clinical evaluation and appropriate management - Dr Ioannis Ntountas

  • 10:00


    Chair: Dr Naresh Joshi, Dr Marco Sales & Dr Luz M. Vásquez

    • Tips in lower blepharoplasty - Dr Naresh Joshi

    • Lateral pinch after transconjuntival blepharoplasty - Dr Gorka Martínez Grau

    • Fat repositioning - Dr Ramón Medel

    • Non surgical treatment for the deep tear trough - Dr Luz M. Vásquez

    • Discussion

  • 11:00

    KEYNOTE LECTURE: Facial shaping with fillers

    Dr José Raúl Montes

  • 11:30


    Fillers and neuromodulators in real patients - Dr José Raúl Montes

    Chair: Dr Ramón Medel & Dr Cecilia Rodríguez

  • 13:30



All scientific sessions will be held at the Instituto de Microcirugia Ocular de Barcelona (IMO).

The IMO is located off Junction 7 of the Ronda de Dalt ring road (mountainside).

Pedestrian access to the centre is in calle Josep María Lladó, no. 3.

The clinic has a parking with over 200 spaces.

Course Secretariat

For further information, please contact the Technical Secretary’s Office at:
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Carlota Guinart: comunicacion@imo.es
Teléfono: +34 93 253 15 01

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IMO Instituto de Microcirugía Ocular

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E-mail: informacion@imo.es
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23 March 2017

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21 March 2017

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18 March 2017

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