Barcelona Oculoplastics: an essential course for medical professionals interested in plastic and cosmetic surgery of the periocular area

On 17 and 18 April, the IMO will be hosting this event organised by the IMO Foundation which aims to update knowledge on eyelid surgery practically and dynamically.
Así será el Congreso Barcelona Oculoplastics. 17 y 18 de abril de 2015

Barcelona Oculoplastics: Trends in Eyelid Surgery is a conference aimed at ophthalmologists, dermatologists, plastic surgeons and specialists in cosmetic surgery. The event is organised from a predominantly practical perspective with live surgery sessions (ptosis, retraction, blepharoplasty, etc.) combined with lectures and talks that will address all of the major talking points and issues that currently exist in the subspeciality. There will also be an oculofacial aesthetics workshop to apply treatments with botulinum toxin and fillers to a group of patients, showing the latest trends and practical techniques in this field.

For the live surgery sessions, the course will feature the participation of specialists of the stature of Dr. José Raúl Montes, who will demonstrate the different procedures that can be performed for the same pathology and reveal their “tricks of the trade” when undertaking certain cases.

The talks will also address various issues and deal with them in a very dynamic way. One of the main talking points of the event – congenital ptosis – will be discussed by three renowned specialists in the field Dr. Collins, Dr. Kersten and Dr. Medel, the latter of whom is the coordinator of IMO’s Department of Oculoplastics and the course director, along with Dr Luz María Vásquez and Eva Ayala.

Barcelona Oculoplastics’ combination of theory and practical sessions has been carefully designed to produce a course that is highly didactic, rigorous and up to date. As explained by Dr Eva Ayala, who discovered this speciality when she was a resident and who is currently part of IMO’s Department of Oculoplastics and Oculofacial Aesthetics and Rejuvenation: “It is a unique opportunity to get “hooked” on oculoplastic surgery.”

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