Facts and aids for the colour-blind

Several factors can affect the development of colour-blindness. But there are also aids to live with the condition. Filters for the colour blind help them to distinguish between different tones and shades of colour, becoming useful, even though they are not very attractive.

Filters can help

In recent years, special filters for the colour-blind have been developed. Used with any prescription glasses, the filters are in the form of a special layer that transforms the light spectrum, providing the retina with stimulus that is similar to normal. With these filters, the individual can discern different shades of colour, which was previously not possible, and distinguish red and green. They are effective in 80% of cases. As they are not particularly attractive, the filters can be used just to perform specific activities, such as watching a film or carrying out a specific task at work. Carol Camino, IMO’s optical optometrist and specialist in low vision, highlights the case of a worker in a drinks factory, whose job involved discarding bottle tops that were not completely white (they had a slight pinky orange hue). The patient was unable to distinguish them, unless he wore filters.

Some facts about colour blindness

-       The retina has three types of receptors that perceive colours (red, green, blue).

-       In colour-blind people, the sensitivity of one or more of these receptors is lower.

-       Colour blindness is a hereditary problem, which is transmitted through the X chromosome.

-       In males (XY), it always manifests itself.

-       In females (XX), colour blindness is manifested when the two X chromosomes are transmitters. If only one of them is defective, she will only be a carrier.

-       8% of men and 0.5% of women suffer from colour blindness.

-       There are over 150 jobs that colour-blind people cannot perform.

-       Children may experience learning difficulties if colour blindness is not diagnosed or teaching methods are not adapted to their specific needs.