The IMO to host an international conference on eyelid surgery

The conference, directed by Dr Ramón Medel, will take place in November and will be attended by specialists from around the world

IMO will be hosting the 3rd edition of the Barcelona Oculoplastics Conference: Advances in Eyelid Surgery, on 23 and 24 November, and the event will bring together oculoplastic surgeons and ophthalmologists with an interest in oculoplastics from around the world.

According to Dr Ramón Medel, a plastic and orbital surgery specialist at IMO and the conference director, "the aim of the event is to review and update all of the concepts and issues that need to be addressed when attending to a patient requiring eyelid surgery." For two days, the specialists will be discussing all areas of medical care, from basic concepts, such as examination and diagnosis, to eyelid problems in special situations (cosmetic, anophthalmos, blepharospasm, etc.).

The course will also feature live surgery sessions to demonstrate surgical techniques for different types of eyelid disorder (ptosis, retraction, blepharoplasty, etc.) and a theory and practice workshop on applying botulinum toxin and fillers to the periorbital area. In the practical cases, the specialists will share their knowledge about the latest techniques and procedures with colleagues..


The conference will feature a number of speakers who are international experts in the field, including Dr Luigi Colangelo (Italy), Dr Richard Collin (UK), Dr Daniel Weil and Prof Giuseppe Guarnaccia, Dr José Raúl Montes (Puerto Rico) and Dr Naresh Yoshi (UK). Also participating will be Dr Miguel González-Candial and Dr Luz María Vásquez from IMO, as well as the conference director, Dr Ramón Medel.