Top international oculoplastics experts gather in Barcelona

The Barcelona Oculoplastics course, which will attract 300 specialists from this fast-growing discipline, will showcase highly-complex surgical techniques and therapies that can be applied in the consulting room

On 17 and 18 April, Barcelona will become the world capital of eyelid surgery and oculofacial aesthetics, bringing together 300 professionals from ophthalmology, plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine and dermatology for the second edition of Barcelona Oculoplastics: Trends in Eyelid Surgery.

Organised by the IMO Foundation and directed by Dr. Ramón Medel – a pioneer in Europe for the techniques he has developed, such as the transconjunctival midface lift and direct frontalis flap – the event will review the latest surgical and non-surgical developments and trends for effective correction of functional and aesthetic disorders of the upper half of the face.

To do so, it will feature the participation of world-renowned authorities such as Dr Richard Collin and Dr Robert Kersten, who, together with Dr Ramón Medel, will address the issue of correcting congenital ptosis (drooping eyelids, which, as well as being an aesthetic problem, can compromise the visual development of children).

Another common reason for needing to undertake eyelid surgery is lower eyelid retraction, a complication that affects up to 20% of patients who undergo blepharoplasty, a cosmetic surgical procedure to remove bags under the eyes, one of the most popular for both men and women, along with rhinoplasty. The technique used to correct this problem secondary to blepharoplasty is a cutting-edge procedure carried out in very few centres: the transconjunctival midface lift, also known as Madame Butterfly.

This complex procedure, which has achieved excellent functional and aesthetic results, will be one of the seven interventions that attendees can watch and discuss during a live surgery session that will feature the work of renowned surgeons from the UK, Germany, the USA and Puerto Rico.

Collagen induction, face tension wires and carboxytherapy

In addition, the event will offer two workshops on cosmetic rejuvenation, “an as yet unknown field for the general ophthalmologist but of great interest due to the constant emergence of new treatments,” explains the director of the course. The first workshop will focus on fashionable trends in skin care, such as carboxytherapy, collagen induction therapy and face tension wires. In the second, Dr José Raúl Montes, an international authority in the field of injectable materials, will demonstrate the two most sought-after cosmetic treatments today: botulinum toxin (Botox) and fillers, such as hyaluronic acid.

The ophthalmologists will be able to attend workshops on the latest trends in aesthetics and facial rejuvenation and watch seven live operations being performed in IMO’s operating theatres.

Both in the surgical and non-surgical fields, specialists are championing minimally-invasive procedures that satisfy a growing demand from patients: taking care of image with the best eye health guarantees. In the hands of the best experts, aesthetics and functionality complement each other in the oculoplastics discipline, which is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of injuries, defects and diseases of the structures surrounding the eye (orbit, eyelids and tear ducts) – all extremely delicate due to their proximity to the ocular organ.