See Well, Look Good

The IMO’s specialists in aesthetics and oculofacial rejuvenation explain the most innovative solutions to the problems and signs of ageing

Our look is one of the main ways of expressing ourselves: it conveys, suggests, communicates, captivates... This is why, at IMO, we not only concern ourselves with looking after the health of the eyes, we also offer our experience in surgical and non-surgical procedures to help relax, revitalise and rejuvenate the look of our patients. We do so with the latest highly-effective techniques and the knowledge that the team of specialist ophthalmologists working in our Department of Aesthetics and Oculofacial Rejuvenation, offers the best solutions to aesthetic problems and signs of ageing.

The main ones are bags under the eyes, which convey a look of sadness and old age, and dark circles, which transmit a tired and somewhat unhealthy appearance. To correct them, there are different options that need to be indicated and performed on an individual basis with full medical and aesthetic guarantees.

As explained by Dra. Eva Ayala, an IMO specialist, one of the main requests is the removal of bags under the eyes caused by excess fat and skin in the eyelids, which make the eyes look smaller and the face sad and old. For these cases, the recommended procedure is usually blepharoplasty (upper and/or lower) – the most popular cosmetic surgery for both men and women.

The fact that it is a highly sought-after intervention does not however mean that it should be considered run-of-the-mill, as it still requires a personalised study and highly skilled hands to ensure that it is performed with all medical guarantees and the best cosmetic results. To achieve this, “at IMO, we use a laser-assisted transconjunctival technique in which no incisions are visible,” explains Dr Vásquez, who adds that “this way, the patient can recover quicker and enjoy better results. We not only look after their look, we also take care of their eye health by minimising the risk of possible complications.”

Often, blepharoplasty is performed in conjunction with skin care treatments such as chemical peeling and resurfacing, which help the patient to regain the vitality of their look.

Another of the most common aesthetic problems are dark circles around the eyes, whose characteristic dark purple colour can be effectively dealt with thanks to an increasingly popular nonsurgical treatment: carboxytherapy. This therapy involves subcutaneous injections of carbon dioxide (CO2) to improve oxygenation and circulation in the area and help the skin to regain a pink hue and a smoother texture. The effects are visible after three initial sessions and the treatment, which is carried out in the doctor’s surgery, is completely painless and can be repeated periodically to leave the patient with a feeling of having a healthy and refreshed face.

According to Dr Luz María Vásquez, from IMO’s Department of Aesthetics and Oculofacial Rejuvenation, it is essential to study and respond to the needs of each person in order to tailor the treatment to their expectations and achieve optimum results. This is the key to the world’s two leading cosmetic techniques: botulinum toxin (“Botox”) injections and filler injections (fillers such as hyaluronic acid).

In both cases, the substances are 100% safe in skilled hands and offer effects that can be as conservative or bold as the patient desires. For this reason, IMO specialist stresses the importance of debunking the myth that Botox can have a paralysing effect. If applied in the correct measure and by an expert, what is achieved is a “temporary relaxation of the facial muscles and, with that, correction of dynamic or expressive wrinkles, especially crow’s feet and those between the eyebrows.”

The other technique uses hyaluronic acid to restore volume loss by shaping and enhancing facial features both in the perioral area and around the eyelids. The idea is to improve the contours of the face and smooth the skin folds, while stimulating the production of collagen – a vital component for the health and quality of the skin.

About the “See Well, Look Good” event

Dr Luz María Vásquez and Eva Ayala, will speak about these and other cutting-edge treatments and the latest surgical and nonsurgical techniques in aesthetics and oculofacial rejuvenation at the See Well, Look Good event to be held in IMO Auditorium on Tuesday, 12 May at 7.00 pm. They will also be joined by Soledad Reparaz, a dermatology expert from Laboratorios Avène, who will offer some advice on skin hydration and protection from the sun. As Dr Vásquez explains, “this is the kind of basic care that we recommend to all of our patients, especially to those who undergo cosmetic treatment to improve their appearance and enjoy good health.”