How we are organised

How we are organised

Board of Trustees

The board of trustees of the IMO Foundation, initiated by the IMO medical team, is composed of professionals from different fields, as well as ophthalmologists; all of them committed to improving the visual quality and life of people.


Dr Borja Corcóstegui


Leandro Martínez-Zurita Santos de Lamadrid


Leandro Martínez-Zurita Julià


Joaquim López Torralbo


Tomás Giménez Duart
Juan José Brugera Clavero
Miguel Morenés Bertrán
Juan José López Burniol
Enric Botí
Francisca Rodríguez
Dr José Luis Güell
Dr Rafael Navarro Alemany
Dr José García-Arumí
Dr Ana Wert
Dr Óscar Gris Castellón

Executive Director

Irene Garcia Martínez

Deputy Executive Director and Head of Research

Dr Esther Pomares


IMO healthcare, research and administrative staff