The teaching vocation of IMO professionals is born from the commitment to the advancement of ophthalmology and the overcoming of the challenges that this discipline, in constant evolution, still faces today. Therefore, the IMO Foundation promotes the teaching and continuous training of specialists in ophthalmology and optometry, supporting scientific collaboration and encouraging new generations of professionals to broaden their knowledge.


Eight sub-specialisation programmes addressing different areas of ophthalmology in conjunction with the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). During the course, students learn alongside IMO Barcelona's team of specialists and have access to the centre's entire infrastructure and technology, receiving eminently practical, specific and personalised training.

Observerships - Specialized external rotation

Our observership programme consists of a specialised external rotation in which students will be able to observe and learn directly from the renowned ophthalmologists at the IMO Miranza Barcelona Group centre. In addition to accompanying them in their day-to-day practice and learning first-hand about their work methodology, students will have access to the IMO Foundation's Experimental Surgery Laboratory (Wetlab), the IMO Library and clinical sessions.


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Two-day immersion courses in which participants rotate between the IMO’s consulting rooms and supplementary testing facilities, operating theatres, wet lab (experimental surgery) and genetics laboratory to experience at first hand the day-to-day work of the IMO as a leading ophthalmology clinic. The preceptorship programme is highly personalised and designed to adapt to the requirements of each group.

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