Commitment and transparency

Commitment and transparency

Commitment to Ophthalmology

The IMO Foundation, established in 2010, is registered in the Regional Government of Catalonia’s Register of Legal Entities under number 2627. In the following link, you can see our statutes, which reflect our commitment to the progress of ophthalmology.

The IMO Foundation Statutes

Archive of Annual Reports

The IMO Foundation combines the development of clinical and basic research projects with the organisation of activities and training programmes for professionals, as well as informative seminars to promote prevention and early diagnosis campaigns aimed at certain vulnerable sectors of the population. In this way, year after year, it consolidates objectives and takes new steps that allow it to advance in its different strategic lines, which are set out in the annual reports (in Spanish) that you can find below:

Memoria Fundación IMO 2012 - 2013
Memoria Fundación IMO 2014
Memoria Fundación IMO 2015 - 2016
Memoria Fundación IMO 2017
Memoria Fundación IMO 2018
Memoria Fundación IMO 2019
Memoria Fundación IMO 2020