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IMO Foundation's Partnerships

Building long-term synergies and strengthening partnerships is one of the keys to the IMO Foundation's ability to expand the scope of its work and consolidate its efforts. These are its main international alliances:

Columbia University

COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK. Collaboration for the development of stem cells through skin biopsies of patients affected by Retinal Dystrophies.


EVICR. European Network of Clinical Research in Ophthalmology, which was joined in 2016 and certifies the commitment to the highest standards of quality and excellence in our studies.


Recornea, in charge of the development of the prototype in the European clinical research project Human Eye, led by the IMO Foundation.

Prof. Carlo Rivolta (IOB) convenio de colaboración en el marco del estudio de las bases moleculares de las distrofias de retina.


UAB.  Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, together with which it has been developing a continuing education programme since 2010 with six master's degrees and three postgraduate degrees

Chu de toulouse

CHU de Toulouse, university hospital where part of the European clinical research project Human Eye, led by the IMO Foundation, will be carried out.


ESASO. Specialised educational commitment with the European School of Advanced Studies in Ophthalmology, to which the IMO Foundation has supported since its inception by providing teachers and organising courses and practical workshops.

Identidad corporativa | Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

UIC. International University of Catalonia, with which a collaboration agreement for interns is signed in 2022. 

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