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Those Users who send to the websites of Fundación IMO, its department of suggestions, observations, opinions and comments via email service, unless they express otherwise in a true and unmistakable way, in the cases where this should be possible, due to the nature of the services or content, it is understood that they authorise Fundación IMO to reproduce, distribute, display, transmit, broadcast, release in any format, store in physical or logical supports (for example, disks or computer hard drives, USB devices, pen drives or smartphones), scan, make available from databases belonging to Fundación IMO, as well as the translation, adaptation, arrangement or any other transformation of observations, opinions or any such comments for the whole duration of the copyright, as prescribed by law. It is also understood that this authorisation is made gratuitously and that the mere fact of sending by email observations, opinions or comments of this kind, the Users reject any financial claim from Fundación IMO.

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