Doctors Güell and Corcóstegui, speakers at the American Ophthalmology Academy Conference

The American Ophthalmology Academy, the largest association of eye doctors and surgeons in the world, is meeting in Chicago this weekend to hold its annual conference
Conference Program AAO Chicago 2012 (29 Mb)

Two of IMO's specialists will participate in the conference; Dr Borja Corcóstegui and Dr José Luis Güell, who will discuss various subjects related to their specialist areas, such as vitreoretinal surgery, cataracts and surgical treatments for irregular corneas with keratoconus.

Treatment for rare vitreoretinal pathologies

A panel of internationally recognised experts will hold a debate on the treatment of different types of vitreoretinal pathologies. This debate will include the analysis of diagnostic options, clinical evolution, and the different treatment options used by the panelists, through the use of surgical videos and presentations of practical cases.

The session will be moderated by doctors Stanley Chang and Gisbert W Richard. The table will also include Dr Corcóstegui.

Further information: Conference Programme (page 138)

Clinical decision-making process for cataract complications

The session will focus on the surgical complications of cataract cases from seven videos of practical sessions, along with a panel of experts including doctor José Luis Güell, who will discuss how to overcome different challenges and complications during cataract surgery.

Further information: Conference Programme (page 139):

Course on the latest trends in treating irregular corneas

Doctor José Luis Güell will give a course on treating irregular corneas with doctors Sonia H Yoo, Renato Ambrosio Jr, Mounir A Khalifa and Dan Z Reinstein. It will cover the correlation between diagnosis methods and symptomatology and excimer laser treatment using different techniques.

Further information: Conference Programme (page 103):

Toric IOLs in cataract surgery for keratoconus

Dr Pierre R. Fournie will present a study carried out by various authors including doctors Vicent Soler, David Touboul, Joseph Collin and François Malecaze and IMO's specialist, José Luis Güell.

Further information: Conference Programme (page 159)