Ophthalmologists from around the world share the latest oculoplastic surgery techniques at the IMO

The course “Barcelona Oculoplastics: Advances in eyelid surgery" is dedicated to the surgical techniques used to correct pathologies and functional and aesthetic defects of the eyelids and periocular zone.

Dr. Ramón Medel


Around 200 ophthalmologists from around the world will attend IMO this weekend for the course “Barcelona Oculoplastics: Advances in eyelid surgery”, led by Dr Ramón Medel, an oculoplastic surgery specialist at IMO, and organised by IMO Foundation, dedicated to the research, teaching and prevention of ocular diseases. During the course, attending ophthalmologists can update themselves on the latest technologies in this specialist area, which includes the treatment of pathologies and defects affecting the socket, the area around the eye and the mid and upper areas of the face.

The course includes conferences, round tables and practical workshops as well as a live surgery session, which will take place on the morning of Friday 23rd May and will link attendees to IMO operating theatres. One of the eight procedures that will be shown live is transconjunctival mid-face lift, a technique pioneered in Europe by Dr Ramón Medel, which consists of lifting the cheeks through the conjunctiva, thereby avoiding making incisions in the skin.

This technique, which is very complex but provides excellent results –more natural and less traumatic for the patient than the conventional lift technique–, is mainly performed to correct eyelid retraction after blepharoplasty (plastic surgery in great demand to remove bags from under the lower eyelids and that currently causes complications in around 20% of cases). The main complication is eyelid retraction, which means that the lower eyelid remains pulled downwards, causing a serious aesthetic problem in addition to pathological changes to the cornea.

According to the course director, this occurs "because blepharoplasty is a delicate operation requiring a surgeon with expertise in periocular microsurgery". “So -he adds– ophthalmologists specialised in this type of surgery have a high demand for techniques that can successfully address this common complication". The course also includes surgery for eyelid ptosis (drooping of the upper eyelid due to ageing or genetic reasons), or blepharoplasties (bags under the eyes), among others.